X-lab Torpedo 50 Plus


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  • Torpedo System 50+ is the perfect refillable aerobar hydration system for the beginner triathlete. Unbeatable price + top features outshine any competitive choice.
    - Easy to Install: Simply loop straps around aerobar extensions and tighten.
    - Easy to Ride: Stop reaching down to frame bottles for a drink. Keep both hands on the aerobars and simply take a drink from a straw positioned directly under your mouth.
    - Drink Valve makes drinking even faster by keeping fluid ready near top of straw.
    - Easily Refill: Safer refilling by having no lid to flip out of the way, just simply put the full bottle into the easy access spilt refill hole.
    - Easy to Clean: One-piece, easy clean, BPA-Free Medical Grade design.
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