X-lab Stealth Pocket 200


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  • - Flat front to rest up against stems, eliminating drag
    - Bolt mounted so your storage will not budge!
    - Super Slide zipper allows for quick easy access
    - Can hold up to 5 gels.
    - 2.5" tall for standard height stems

    More Aerodynamic
    - Actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers.
    - Same width as head tube (Standard size bag), therefore no increase in frontal area.
    - 72 degree front fits tight up against stem.
    - Tapered aero design profile.
    - Super smooth low skin friction exterior reduces drag.

    Non Sway Design
    - Non slip surfaces underneath and on front of bag grip top tube and back of stem.
    - Direct mount into integrated top tube bolt bosses with reliable non-seizing steel screws, and sturdy plastic insert.

    Easier to Use
    - Located within easy reach while riding.
    - Non slip rubber zipper pull.
    - One handed Super-Slide zipper

    Smart Storage
    - Mount behind sterm on integrated top tube bolt bosses
    - Silver colored interior makes it easier to see contents.
    - Can store the longest energy bars.

    Contents Stay Cooler
    - Insulated sides keep your nutrition cooler.
    - Silver interior helps reflect heat away

    21.3cm L x6.4cm H x 3.8cm W

    Proprietary low skin friction woven material. Red stretch interior mesh. Reflective silver lining. Proprietary insulation material. Anti-slip base. High stitch count embroidery.

    0.33 liter

    Bag: 21.3g, Insert: 15g, Hardware: 8.2g - Total 44.5g
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