X-lab Mini Wing 105 Cage & Carrier Kit


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  • Low cost dual bottle carrier with NEW Italian-made cages. Featuring 60% more cage grip force than original model!

    - Dual bottle system tucks neatly behind your saddle for easy access to hydration.
    - NEW upgraded Italian-made, XENON cages increase cage grip force by 60% over original model.
    - Mounts low to not hinder your ability to get on and off the bike.
    - First-time rear hydration system buyer? Mounts with a single screw for no-fuss install so you can self-install and quickly get on the road.
    - Ergonomically designed so you can easily access the bottle even with limited flexibility.
    - No trouble getting on and off the bike. The low mounting position provides enough clearance to easily swing your leg over the saddle.
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