X-lab Delta 105 Cage Carrier


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    - 1 XLAB Cage Mount.
    - 1 XLAB Xenon Cage.
    - Single bottle system neatly tucks one bottle behind your saddle for easy access to hydration.
    - Perfect location for an extra bottle when taking on longer training rides or Century rides.
    - NEW upgraded Italian-made, XENON cages increase cage grip force by 60% over original model.
    - Mounts low to not hinder your ability to get on and off the bike.
    - Carry repair kit with XLAB MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER.
    - Add an XLAB MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER - a compact storage bracket that sleekly mounts behind the cage!
    - MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER easily carries a clincher repair kit - tube, tire levers, XLAB AIR STRIKE CO2 Cartridges and XLAB inflator. It can also carry a full tubular setup including tubular tire and inflating foam sealant.
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