X-lab Cage Carrier Delta Wing 200


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    - 1 XLAB Cage Mount.
    - 1 XLAB Gorilla Cage.
    - Carry your spare bottle the aero way, tucked behind you
    - Complete single bottle hydration system
    - Tight gripping GORILLA CAGE keeps your bottles in place!
    - Carry your repair with the optional MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER
    - Fits most standard saddles
    - AERODYNAMIC LOCATION - Mounting to the saddle rails in the rider's draft allows for clean aerodynamics and easy access. Great way to increase your speed.
    - STABLE DESIGN - Strong, sturdy mounting. The material used on the carrier is high strength and will not sway, allowing for fast, safe access to the bottle.
    - SPECIAL CAGE DESIGN - The cage design is funnel shaped allowing for easy insertion of your bottle.
    - HIGH GRIPPING CAGE - The cage grips the bottle with 10lbs (approx) of tested force to prevent slippage.
    - ANTI-VIBRATION - Using Loctite and locknuts, the screws are locked in place for safety and security.
    - MULTI-STRIKE CO2 KIT OPTION - Easy to install holder with capability of holding two CO2 cartridges, inflator and tube or mini pump.
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