Silca Strip Chip Hot Melt Chain Degreaser


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  • Eliminate the need for any harsh cleaners or degreasers to wax your chain. Drop a single StripChip square into your hot wax, let your chain wax for 10 minutes, and hang to dry. Reuse the same pot of wax for future waxings


    No More Degreasing Prep: StripChip eliminates the need for degreasing new factory chains. With StripChip, its straight into the hot wax for simple chain preparation.

    Advanced Technology: Each StripChip degreasing additive piece binds with factory grease found in new chains, turning it into wax. SILCAs advanced technology saves time and expense while ensuring a clean, quiet, and ultra-efficient drivetrain.

    Convenient Form: StripChip is sold in a candy bar-like form, with each bar containing six pieces (12 grams each). Using one piece per chain effectively eliminates factory grease, allowing hot melt wax to penetrate the inner workings of chain pins and rollers.

    Simple Application: Integrated seamlessly with the SILCA Super Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax, StripChip ensures a straightforward application process. Follow easy steps for optimal results, making chain maintenance simple and hassle-free.

    Optimized Performance: StripChip works best with SILCA Super Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax, ensuring the fastest and longest-wearing drivetrain. Experience enhanced performance, reduced friction, and minimized wear with every ride.


    Oleogelation wax based formula
    Eliminates the need for harsh degreasers
    Use one chip per new chain with factory grease
    Turns the grease into a wax like substance No drop in performance
    Go from chain in factory package to waxed chain in 10 minutes
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