Shimano XT / Ultegra / E-bike Chain CN-M8100 12-SPEED With Quick Link


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  • The Shimano XT CN-M8100 Chain lets you perform smooth manoeuvres on rough terrain
    The Shimano XT CN-M8100 12-speed chain is a central component of the XT M8100 and Ultegra R8100 groupset, which is why it's been optimised from the ground up. High-precision moulded contact surfaces to the chainring and cassette ensure precise, fast and smooth shifting in both directions, even under load. In addition, the CN-M8100 chain has chromed inner plates that noticeably increase durability.


    Application: MTB, Road, Gravel
    Gearing: 12-speed


    Number of Links: 116
    Closure Type: Master link (Quick-Link)
    Pin Type: Solid
    Directional: Yes
    Recommended Groupset: XT M8100, Ultegra R8100
    Material: Steel


    MTB: 1x12-speed, 2x12-speed
    ROAD: Dura-Ace, Ultegra, 105 2x12-speed
    GRAVEL: GRX 1x12-speed, 2x12-speed
    E-BIKE: EP8 EP801, EP8 EP800 for MTB / Touring, STEPS E8080


    - HG chain for 1x12, 2x12
    - smooth manoeuvres over rough terrain and obstacles with constant rhythm
    - enlarged inner plate for improved chain retention
    - chrome-plated inner plate
    - shorter shift times, improved shift behaviour
    - with master link for easy installation


    HG 12-speed for Hyperglide+
    Shimano Hyperglide (HG) 12-speed chains have enlarged inner plates designed to work with Hyperglide+ cassettes and Dynamic Chain Engagement+ chainrings. This prevents vibrations when the chainring and chain come into contact, resulting in improved chain retention. In combination with an HG+ 12-speed cassette, shifting and drive efficiency are increased. This also benefits the service life of the chain. HG 12-speed chains are directional, i.e. they have an asymmetrical design and thus a predefined installation direction.

    Weight: 252G
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