Shimano Tiagra 10 Speed Chain CN-4601


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  • The Shimano Tiagra 10-speed chain CN-4601 has optimised inner and outer plates which provide a larger contact surface to the teeth and ensure more efficient power transfer for better shifting even under load (HG technology). The outer plates prevent chain suck, namely the jamming of the chain on the chainrings, while the inner plates guarantee smooth shifting on the rear derailleur. The CN-4601 chain is directional, which must be taken into account during assembly.


    Application: Road
    Gearing: 10-speed

    Number of Links: 116
    Closure Type: Chain pin with double ring (ampoule type)
    Pin Type: chromium-plated, solid
    Directional: Yes
    Recommended Groupset: Tiagra 4600
    Material: Steel

    - for all Shimano 2x10-speed road bike drivetrains


    - super narrow 10-speed HG chain
    - perforated, ultralight plates
    - outer plate coating: grey, inner plate coating: brown
    - performance indicator: select (level 1 out of 3)


    HG (Hyperglide)
    The links on Shimano Hyperglide chains are shaped to make optimum contact with the teeth of the chainring. This ensures smooth gear changes, even under load. In addition, the HG technology improves the efficiency of your pedal stroke.

    The chain has an asymmetrical design. The specially-shaped tabs optimise engagement on the sprocket and result in even smoother shifting, even under load. The inner side is optimised for rear HG (Hyperglide) shifting and ensures fast and precise gear changes. The outer side is optimised for chainring changes. The sides are marked accordingly to ensure that the chain is fitted correctly. The side with the marking is the outside.
    Warning: The high shifting performance is only achieved with correct chain assembly. If the chain is fitted the wrong way round, it can come off and serious injury can result.
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