Shimano SH-RC502 Road Shoes E-width


Colour: Black
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    - Mesh/TPU and Synthetic leather material covered upper in optimized part to provides comfortable fit and light weight.
    - Surround wrapping upper structure reduces overlap and provides a glove-like fit.
    - Integrated seamless midsole and upper construction set a new level of fit, stability and lightweight performance.
    - BOA L6 dial on instep strap quickly and comfortably secures a wide range of foot shapes.
    - Carbon fiber reinforced nylon midsole for power transfer.
    - Low stack height midsole stabilizes foot and maximizes power transfer efficiency.


    Shoes that feature Shimano's DYNALAST Wide sizing have an increased volume around the ball of the foot to accommodate a larger range of foot shapes and sizes. However, this added volume and comfort doesn't come at the expense of performance. Instead, the bottom of the last remains the same width as the standard shoe design, which maintains the high-performance technology, pedaling efficiency, and all-day comfort of Shimano's range of cycling shoes.

    Shimano DYNALAST Wide models are not just standard shoes that have been stretched horizontally. Instead, wide sizes feature a larger circumference (about 9 to 10 mm compared to standard sizing) around the ball of the foot. This extra room accommodates more foot girth, especially around the metatarsal pad. Rather than just adding extra width in a two-dimensional way, Shimano's wide sizing provides more space all around the ball of the foot for more comfort and control.

    More space does not mean a loose, sloppy fit, however. Shimano's DYNALAST Wide technology is anatomically curved to conform better to the natural contours of the foot. It features an adjusted instep height to allow the heel to sit deeper in the shoe so your foot stays snug in the shoe, even on hard, out-of-the-saddle efforts.
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