Shimano S-phyre Tall Socks


Colour: Shimano Cyan Blue
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    Sock - A sock is not just a sock when it's a Shimano cycling sock. Shimano engineers comfort and performance into every sock in our line. True to our System Engineering philosophy, we look at socks as another piece of the interconnected system that puts power to the pedal as it keeps the rider's feet comfortable.

    Fit Concept - Their fit concept was developed with the help of their professional cycling team sponsorships. We study riding posture, common actions, and time in the saddle to promote dynamic movement and stress-free, high-performance riding. Customised fits allow riders to comfortably maintain an efficient riding posture for their preferred riding style.
    S-Phyre - The demands from deeply committed riders to go faster, further, more efficiently and comfortably fuels their innovation. What start as dreams, evolve through theory and are realised through pure engineering science. S-Phyre is the manifestation of Shimano's dedication to applying science in the pursuit of the ultimate cycling experience.The true value of S-Phyre surpasses specs. What looks impressive on paper feels almost magical on the bike. It delivers head-to-toe comfort with the most advanced, efficient and scientific cycling wear that we can craft.

    Ventilation - Mesh knitting enhances ventilation to keep you dry and comfortable.

    Cushion - Cushioning on top of the foot is engineered to reduce the impact from the shoes

    Arch Panel - This section of the sock helps to keep the arch of the foot raised to prevent fatigue.

    Road Competition - Designed without compromise to boost your performance. The race fit fits like a part of the body and less flutter, they deliver an aerodynamic advantage.

    - S-Phyre Flash Jersey aero pattern on shoulders improves aerodynamics.
    - Ribbed knitting pattern on the top of the foot enhances cushioning.
    - Knitted anti-slip heel secures foot while accelerating.
    - Thin knit pattern on bottom improves unity with shoe.
    - Seam-free toe construction improves comfort.
    - Integrated sole ventilation improves airflow and heat dispersion.

    Material: 52% Polyamide, 42% Polyester, 6% Elastan
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