Shimano EW-SD300-I Electric Wire DI2 For Internal Routing


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  • The EW-SD300-I Power Cable for Shimano Di2 Derailleurs - Thin, light, powerful
    EW-SD300-I is a power cable from Shimano for internal routing in the frame, which was developed with regard to the Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 12-speed road bike derailleurs and the MU-UR510 hub gear motor unit respectively. It is 0.4 mm thinner than the previous EW-SD50 cable, which saves weight and has optical advantages. There is a connector on both sides, which, with a diameter of 3.45 mm, is also significantly slimmer than before. Electrical signals are thus exchanged at lightning speed between the rear derailleur, battery, front derailleur and, if applicable, the STIs. Di2 shifters for time trial and triathlon that require the old cable can be connected to the EW-SD300-I via conversion adapter. Included are two cable guides with which you can prevent the cable from shifting in the frame after installation.


    Cable Length: 150 - 1600 mm
    Cable Routing: Internal
    Number of Plugs: 2
    Cable Diameter: 2.4 mm
    Plug Diameter: 3.45 mm


    - Dura-Ace Di2 R9250
    - Ultegra Di2 R8150
    - 105 Di2 R7150
    - TT/Triathlon components SW-R9160, ST-R9160, ST-R9180, ST-R8060 with adapter
    - Alfine Di2 with MU-UR510 (for Flat and Drop Bar)
    - Nexus Di2 Inter-8 with MU-UR510


    - cable 0.4 mm thinner than EW-SD50
    - plug 1.65 mm thinner than EW-SD50
    - with cable guides that prevent movement in the frame

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