Shimano Dura-Ace SW-R9160 Switch Shift Set DI2 For TT/tri


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  • The Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 SW-R9160 bar end shifters feature a single thumb-operated button to control only the rear derailleur and shift the cassette up or down. Designed as an option for triathletes and time trialists, they are mounted on the extensions in addition to the STIs, making shifting in an aero position easier. Direct control of the front derailleur is not possible, but the Synchro-Shift function of newer rear derailleurs can be used. Compared to the SW-R671 bar end shifters, the SW-R9160 have the advantage of a great weight saving - the pair weighs only 40 grams. Firmware updates are ensured via the E-Tube connection.

    Series: Dura-Ace Di2 R9150
    Application: Triathlon & Time Trial
    Gearing: 10-speed, 11-speed
    Mount: expander

    Type: Bar end shifter
    Body Material: Composite

    Shift/Brake Lever:
    - ST-R9160
    - ST-R9180
    - ST-R8060

    - Inner Diameter: 19.0 - 22.5 mm
    - Outer Diameter: 22.2 - 24.0 mm
    - Material: aluminium, carbon with aluminium inserts

    Power Cable:
    - EW-SD50 (EW-SD300-I only with conversion adapter EW-AD305)

    - remote triathlon thumb shifter, easy to operate when gripping at the front of the extensions
    - improved ergonomics and one-button operation for fast shifting at the handlebar attachments
    - programmable shift increments and up or down shifting of the rear derailleur
    - front derailleur not directly controllable, only mediated via Synchro Shift
    - number of E-Tube ports: 2
    - E-Tube project ensures firmware updates


    Digital Integrated Intelligence (Di2)
    Di2 systems are the electronic shifting systems from Shimano. They are based on the SEIS, the Shimano Electronic Intelligent System, which takes over the index shifting function from the mechanical components, only via power cables or radio signals and not via a Bowden cable. Shifting is done by simply pressing a button. This has the advantage that no great effort is required, your concentration on the ride is not disturbed and operation is easy even with cold hands. In addition, the electronic gear changes are very fast and highly precise. There is also no risk of a defective circuit due to dirty cables or other problems. You can adjust individual settings via the E-Tube Project, such as adjusting the shifting speed, the number of shifting operations per button press or the Synchro or Semi-Synchro shifting function. Shimano offers an app for this purpose. Gear maintenance and firmware updates are also done via E-Tube, with the bike connected to a PC running the appropriate E-Tube software for more extensive workshop work.
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