Shimano Dura-ace PD-R9100 Spd-sl Pedals


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  • One of the lightest and most efficient pedals on the planet, just got lighter and more efficient. The PD-9100 is 14 grams lighter than its PD-9000 predecessor. To get to the 234-gram weight Shimano looked at every detail from the injection-molded carbon-composite body, to the hollow cleat bolts. This new PD-9100 is the perfect balance of strength-to-weight rigidity and efficiency. It's the ultimate expression of the SPD-SL platform.

    WIDE BEARING PLACEMENT Bearing placement at both ends of the platform offers symmetrical load dispersion. Silky-smooth rotation with stable load distribution delivers superior pedaling performance.

    LOW-PROFILE DESIGN Maximum performance is achieved with close-to-the axle pedal/cleat interface.

    HOLLOW CLEAT BOLTS No detail is overlooked - hollow cleat bolts offer lighter weight, superior performance and long-life.

    CUSTOMIZABLE RIDE SETTINGS Adjustable tension settings allow the cleat tension to be tuned to the individual rider's preference.

    - Excellent pedalling efficiency
    - Optimised balance of weight and rigidity
    - Injection moulded carbon composite body
    - Efficient power transfer
    - High stability
    - Extra-wide platform
    - Efficient power transfer
    - Reduces flex and pedal body wear
    - Reliable durability performance
    - Stainless steel body plate
    - Stable and uniform load distribution
    - Wide bearing placement
    - Rider tune
    - Customise the entry and release tension settings
    - Adjustable entry and release tension settings
    - Smooth rotation

    - Weight: 234g
    - Shimano SM-SH12 SPD SL Front Centre Pivot Cleats and hollow cleat bolts included
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