Scope Artech 6 Disc Brake Wheelset - White Decals Shimano


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  • Developed for Aerodynamics and Lightweight

    With a rim profile of 65 mm and a set weight of only 1244 grams, the Artech 6 combines best in class aerodynamics at a weight level you normally only see for shallow climbing wheels. Artech 6 makes it possible to ride a climbing stage at the Tour de France on an aero wheelset without a weight penalty.
    Besides best in class aerodynamics and an extreme low weight, the Artech 6 provides high lateral stiffness and doesnt compromise in durability. The 23 mm internal width hooked tire bed, is aerodynamically optimized for 28mm clincher- and tubeless tires, for a perfect balance between rolling resistance and comfort.

    Algorithm Enhanced Aerodynamics
    The shape of our rims is defined by our Algorithm Enhanced Aerodynamics (AEA) technology. This algorithm optimizes the most aerodynamic rim-profile guaranteeing optimal aerodynamic performance.

    Surface Structure Aerodynamics
    The Aeroscales generate velocity streaks travelling at different speed over our rim surface. This has a stabilizing effect on the airflow and reduces drag.

    Lightweight design
    With our Local Reinforcement carbon technology, weve increased the number of carbon layers around the spoke holes on the inside of the rim. This way we significantly reduce weight while preserving strength and stiffness.

    Perfect tire-fit
    The unique geometry of our Scope Tubeless System ensures easy mounting, direct inflation, long-lasting pressure and compatibility with all clincher and tubeless tires.

    Lightweight 3D printed
    The lightweight bone like hub structure design is a result of topology optimization. Using Scalmalloy material in combination with the latest 3D-printing technology weve been able to manufacture this unique, lightweight and strong hub design.

    Lightweight and durable
    The Diamond Ratchet SL system is made from titanium and finished with a diamond like carbon coating. This results in direct engagement, improved durability, and a significant reduction in weight.

    Ultra-light and Aerodynamic
    The lightweight Carbonlite Aerospokes provide high lateral stiffness resulting in increased efficiency when accelerating and climbing. The optimized aerodynamic shape of the spoke reduces aerodynamic drag.

    Total set weight: 1244 gram
    Maximum rider weight: No weight limit
    Max tire pressure: 8.6 bar / 125 psi

    Rim Height (mm) Front 65; Rear 65
    External Rim Width (mm) Front 31; Rear31
    Internal Rim Width (mm) Front: 23 Rear: 23
    Tubeless (ready): Yes
    Hooked: Yes
    Optimum Tyre Width (mm) Front 28; Rear 28
    Tyre Width Compatability (mm) Front: 25-71; Rear 25-71
    *Compatible with tubeless and clincher tires

    Hubs Front: Artech 3d Printed; Rear: Artech 3d Printed
    Bearings: Front:v2 x 61803 - SKF; Rear: 3x 61803, 1x 61903 - SKF
    Engagement System Rear: 36T Diamond Ratchet SL
    Axle System Front: 12 x 100; Rear: 12 x 142
    Brake Interface Front: Centerlock Rear: Centerlock

    Spoke Count Front: 18 Rear: 24
    Spoke Type Carbonlite Aerospoke

    Included with the wheels

    Pair of tubeless valves (pre-installed)
    Tubeless rim tape (pre-installed)
    Carbonlite Aerospokes spoke & nipple key
    Artech accessory bag with cleaning materials
    Two Artech padded wheel bags
    Developed in The N
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