Pure Electrolyte Replacement Capsules (80 Per Bottle)


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  • Contain essential electrolytes (mineral salts) with added Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B6, for enhanced electrolyte absorption. Ideal for athletes with elevated sweat rates (endurance or hot climate) to ensure adequate replacement of mineral salts in the body.

    No need to dissolve, simply take each capsule with fluid for a tasteless and easy to swallow dietary supplement. Each capsule is made with vegetarian capsules.

    Take one capsule with water every 30 minutes during prolonged physical activity or sweating. Take up to 7 capsules daily.
    Do not exceed recommended dose

    Each capsule contains: Sodium Chloride 440mg, Potassium Citrate 150mg, Magnesium Citrate 100mg, Calcium Citrate 50mg, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin D3.
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