Pro Cassette Remover Set (includes Remover And Chain Whip)


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  • The cassette removal set for Shimano by PRO - a strong duo

    With the cassette removal set by PRO you get a combination of cassette removal tool and chain whip. With the cassette removal tool you can remove and install cassette lockrings. It is only compatible with Shimano cassettes. The chain whip is used to hold when you loosen the lockring. Both tools are made of steel and have a plastic handle, which improves grip and prevents slipping.

    Function: Removal & installation of cassettes
    Tool Type: Puller, chain whip
    Compatibility: Shimano 8- to 11-speed cassettes

    Material: Steel
    Handle Material: Composite

    - remover incl. safety pin
    - designed for Shimano cassettes (8- to 11-speed)
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