Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedal 8NM 2024


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  • Lightweight and powerful, the Keo Blade pedal combines technology with stability for ambitious cyclists seeking superior quality. Developed by LOOK to optimize your performance.

    This first model in the Keo Blade range features a Chromoly + axle and steel bearings. Incorporating LOOK's patented Blade technology into an aerodynamically optimized carbon body, these clipless pedals provide lightness, stability, and durability, but above all, a large support surface for maximum power transfer with every pedal stroke. Weighing just 110 g (per pedal) and aerodynamically optimized, the Keo Blade is designed for intuitive clip-in/clip-out, secure support, as well as comfort and unwavering efficiency to enhance your road performance.


    Maximized Power Transfer
    - A generous support surface of 705 mm² on a carbon body
    - All the rigidity and technology of the carbon blade to optimize every pedal stroke
    - Enhanced comfort through even pressure distribution under the foot
    - Aerodynamic design

    Increased Comfort
    With its 705 mm² of cleat contact surface and a supportive width of 64 mm, the Keo Blade ensures even pressure distribution under the foot with every pedal stroke. This setup minimizes the risk of 'hot spots' or foot discomfort, regardless of the stiffness of your shoes. Comprised of three stainless steel plates, the extended support surface provides enhanced stability, reducing unwanted movements and lateral tilting during pedaling.

    Simplified Tension Adjustment
    The Blade technology offers 4 tension levels: 08/12/16/20. In less than 30 seconds using a single specialized tool, you can replace the blades to select your ideal tension.

    Aerodynamic Design
    The new design optimizes the frontal sections and smoothens transition between shoe and pedal to reduce the pedal's aerodynamic drag. The elegant lines of the blade seamlessly harmonize, propelling the Keo Blade to the top of its category in aerodynamics.This fusion of aesthetics and efficiency redefines performance standards for demanding cyclists.


    Spindle material - Chromoly+

    Technology - Blade
    Body material - Carbon
    Platform area - 705 mm²
    Platform width - 64 mm
    Total stack height (pedal + cleat) - 14.8 mm ( 8.5 + 6.3 )
    Q Factor - 53 mm

    Retention - Serial installed in 08
    Cleats - Keo Grip
    Blade - Composite

    Pedal - 115 g
    Weight pair + cleats - 300 g
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