Liv Sylvia SL Saddle


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  • A mountain bike saddle needs to perform as much as any other component on your bike, and Liv's Sylvia SL rises to the challenge for top performance. This saddle delivers ultimate satisfaction when your sit bones are under pressure, regardless of the length of your adventure or experience level. With strategically placed extra-soft foam and supportive yet cozy design structures, the Sylvia SL saddle relieves pressure for the comfortable climbing support you need while giving you the confidence to rail corners, jumps, and descents.


    - Lightweight, strong SST metallic rails
    - Extra-soft foam strategically placed for extra protection of soft tissues
    - Padded edges for side and rear shock absorption
    - Optimised saddle nose design is downwardly tilted for climbing clearance plus longer for extra contact with inner legs during cornering and descending
    - Saddle base edges flex for maneuverability
    - Built-In high-elastic Particle Technology provides superior pressure relief and support
    - Glossy surface allows smooth transitions on and off the saddle


    - Weight: 265 grams
    - Rail: SST
    - Rail Size: 7mm
    - Shell: Nylon/Glass Fibre Composite
    - Width: 150mm
    - Length: 277mm
    - Stack Height: 42mm
    - Cover: Microfiber
    - Padding: Rebound + Built-In Particle
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