Lazer Z1 Kineticore Helmet


Colour: Full White
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  • The One

    Think about our Z1 and what an iconic helmet that was... We made it better by integrating the KinetiCore technology!
    Imagine a lighter helmet, with an upgraded Lazer Advanced RollSys system, inclined bridges for increased ventilation and aerodynamic performance, straps that are designed to ensure comfort, and so on! Introducing the Z1 KinetiCore. Its new aggressive design will turn heads while you are pushing your limits. Our most iconic helmet, just made better.

    - Tailored fit : The updated Lazer Advanced RollSys system is fully integrated in the helmet operated by a smooth thumb wheel on top of the helmet. The improved design helps maximizing the aerodynamic performance and its functioning. The fit system is designed to be ponytail friendly and features vertical adjustment as well.
    - Floating headband : The floating headband aids ventilation, helping you stay cool when you're working up a sweat. It's lightweight and ensures a comfortable fit in the front of the helmet.
    - Eyewear friendly : Eyewear can easily be docked in specific slots of the helmet. The updated shorter head basket ensures better fitment of the temples.
    - Effortless straps : Less materials used, less weight, less plastics. Enjoy a comfortable fit with the antibacterial & recycled stitched straps featuring the Polygiene Biostatic Stays Fresh technology.
    - Lazer Aeroshell compatible : Pop on the Lazer Aeroshell and protect your head from rain, snow or mud. The Aeroshell can also be used to close the front and side vents for an aerodynamic advantage. The Aeroshell comes in S/M/L sizes.
    - Stay fresh : The Polygiene Biostatic Stays Fresh padding contains aerated holes, which are strategically placed in front of the vents to allow the air to flow through.
    - LED light compatible : Increase safety and visibility by attaching the Universal Lazer LED at the rear of the helmet via the Direct Mount.
    - Lightweight : 15% lighter than Lazer Z1 MIPS M CE.
    - Reduced plastics : 40g less plastics used than in Lazer Z1 MIPS M CE.


    SMALL - 52-56CM, 220G
    MEDIUM - 55-59CM, 230G
    LARGE - 58-61CM, 260G
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