Lazer Lupo Kineticore Helmet


Colour: Grey
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  • Adventure for all
    The Lupo KinetiCore is crafted for true trail riding while offering comfort and style. Featuring a great looking integrated visor, well installed brow vents for increased ventilation, deep coverage on the sides for stronger protection and the Lazer TurnSys system for an easy to adjust fit on the go. Whether you are riding a fast and technical track or having an easy ride with friends, this helmet will ensure a perfect fit during all your riding adventures.
    - KinetiCore crumple zones take the force of the blow
    - Easy vertical adjustability
    - LED light compatibility
    - Secure goggle position
    - Better visibility on the trails
    - Uni-size: 54-61cm | Oval and Round Fit
    Weight: 350g
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