Kask Protone Icon WG11 Helmet


Colour: Black
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  • The new synonym for victory, the Protone Icon helmet features the latesttechnological advances in safety, ventilation and aerodynamics to make it anicon of road cycling. The Protone Icon takes its design from KASK's winningProtone helmet and has improved upon it in every way possible. A redesignedinternal frame gives the wearer greater safety with the added benefit ofimproved ventilation and aerodynamics. An improved adjustment systemallows for a customized fit, while heat molded CoolMax lining providesexceptional comfort and is also removable and washable. The new OCTOFIT+adjustment system optimizes the helmet's comfort and stability, while a verticalstabilizer across the nape of the neck provides ergonomic neck support and delivers enhanced balance and a customised fit.


    High Visibility Stickers
    High visibility stickers for maximum safety even in poor visibility conditions.

    Octofit+ Retention System
    The new overinjected rubber dial provides improved finger grip. The vertical stabiliser has been redesigned for greater stability providing a customised fit for riders with longer hair. The ergonomic neck support ensures a fast and secure fit against the back of the head.

    Faux Leather Chinstrap
    The anallergic and washable chinstrap is extremely comfortable and helps to avoid irritation of the skin.

    Aero Control
    Incredibly aerodynamic and top performing shell, tested in the wind-tunnel and able to provide a realy impressive CX rate. Any position the head will assume the outflow of air will be perfectly in linr with the helmet.

    In-Moulding Technology
    The MIT technology, applied to Kask cycling helmets, guarantees a higher safety and a complete protection thanks to the polycarbonate layer that covers the smell on the top, on the base ring and on the back.

    Coolmax Fiber
    Removable and washable inner padding in Coolmax material.

    Inner Frame
    The innovative inner strengthening frame offers a greater mechanical strength and a better compactness. In case of shock it prevents the helmet from breaking into many pieces, allowing greater safety for every rider.



    SMALL: 50-56CM
    MEDIUM: 52-58CM
    LARGE: 59-62CM
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