Giant Energypak Smart 800 Watt Battery


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  • With a similar size to its predecessorss but with more battery capacity, the EnergyPak Smart 800 is compatible with and upgradeable for all EnergyPak Smart 400/500/625/750 batteries.


    - Giant's premium battery technology, cleanly integrated into the frame
    - Similar size as its predecessors but with a higher capacity
    - Advanced Battery Management System optimizes charging performance through continuous communication
    - between the battery and charger
    - Compatible with the EnergyPak Plus range extender
    - Compatible with EnergyPak Smart 400/500/625/750 batteries
    - For the best fit, the EnergyPak Smart 400/500/625 batteries require to purchase an extra EnergyPak Smart 800 Cover


    Dimension (L x W x H) - 440 x 85 x 78 mm
    Capacity - 800 Wh
    Weight - 4.4 kg
    IP rating - IPX6
    Color - Black


    Compatible without customisation:
    - MY22 Reign E+
    - MY22 Trance X Advanced E+
    - MY22 Trance X E+

    Retrofittable with additional cover:
    - ADDITIONAL COVER A = MY20 / MY21 GIANT Reign E+; MY21 GIANT Trance X E+; MY22 Liv Intrigue X E+
    - ADDITIONAL COVER B= MY20 - MY22 GIANT Stance E+ (Pro + Sport); MY19 / MY20 GIANT Trance E+; MY20 - MY22 Liv Embolden E+
    - ADDITIONAL COVER C=MY20 - MY22 GIANT Explore E+ (all models with fully integrated battery); MY21 / MY22 Liv Amiti-E+ (all models with fully integrated battery)
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