Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive Saddle - Long


Colour: Black

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  • A new performance bike saddle with revolutionary 3D-printed padding, a high-modulus full carbon shell and carbon rails offers a new level of comfort and support on your rides.


    Performance cycling saddle with a revolutionary 3d printed padding offering seamlessly engineered zonal cushioning.

    The evolution of digital 3D printing allowed us to develop a new saddle without the constraints or limitations imposed by traditional production methods and materials. The Adaptive saddle padding is crafted by Carbon using its revolutionary Digital Light Synthesis technology. DLS is an additive manufacturing process which uses digital ultraviolet light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with excellent mechanical properties, resolution and surface finish.

    Professional cyclists and amateur riders were tested in both the fizik labs and on the road. During each development phase, every iteration was carefully tested. A great focus has been put on understanding how the pressure patterns change according to different bike geometries, riding positions, and riding styles.

    Using Carbon technology, biomechanists and engineers have an unprecedented possibility: to design and manufacture multiple functional zones within the saddle, tuning each of them separately for specific mechanical properties.Each of these key functional zones is engineered with a distinctive cushioning and mechanical response, joined together progressively and seamlessly in the same padding.

    ADAPTIVE: Carbon Digital Light Synthesis 3D printing technology, offering seamlessly engineered zonal cushioning
    VERSUS EVO: full channel design for pressure relief on soft tissue area
    00: a combination of a high module full carbon shell and a carbon rail for ultimate stiffness and lightness
    MOEBIUS RAIL: (7 x 10mm) patented closed loop design for a balanced weight distribution


    Dimensions: 274 x 146 mm
    Weight: 171 g
    Height at 75mm width: 54 mm
    Length from nose to 75mm width: 151 mm
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