Ezmtb Shimano Compatible Bleed Kit


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  • Kit includes all the tools you need to carry out professional quality bleeds with ease and are conveniently housed in a case.
    The syringes are clear with easy grip handles.

    Whats included:

    - Storage box
    - Syringes x1
    - T-Handle wrench with bit set and storage box
    - Double-Lock connectors x3
    - Bleeding tubes x2
    - Plastic Funnel x1
    - Bleed bottle with hook and long bleed hose
    - Hydraulic mineral oil 60ml x2
    - Assortment of adaptors and storage box
    - Assortment of bleed blocks (Road, 2-Piston, 4-Piston)
    - 7mm Combination spanner
    - Pair of latex gloves
    - Includes adapters for Shimano
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