Ere Research Omnia CLR45 Disc Brake Wheelset


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  • What if you can fit your road bike with all-road UCI-approved wheels? Our new Omnia CLR45 are just that: carbon wheels that perform very well on the road and are strong enough for the occasional light gravel adventure. Fit them with some grippy gravel tyres and you are ready to go.

    The biggest bang for buck wheels for your road bike? Meet our brand new 45mm carbon aero rims, the Omnia CLR45! The sleek wheels are fitted with our latest 12mm thru-axle IONA hubs including the much-appraised SKF bearings. With an internal rim measure of 21mm you can fit all modern-size road tires (25 mm to 32 mm). You can even take them off-road on a gravel experience using gravel tires up to 57mm.

    The new Omnia CLR45 wheels are Tubeless Ready. We've already set them up with tubeless rim tape for easy use. We use Sapim spokes to complete the deal. Spare spokes are included with the wheels.

    New CLR45 Road rim
    The Omnia CLR45 is a lightweight rim made of unidirectional carbon with a wider 21mm inner measure. That way you can easily fit wider road or gravel tires. Furthermore, the rim has excellent damping and anti-vibration characteristics.

    New Iona hubs
    Ere Research Iona hubs are a 100% in-house manufactured design. The hubs are bulletproof and will practically run forever when properly taken care of. The straight-pull hubset has a low profile and a sturdy design. Its angled flange supports the directional torque going through the hub body, so it can take any beating.

    Torque 2 design
    Torque 2 takes the forces that the hub absorbs from the disc brake load when braking. When the rear wheel gets torque from the hub body when pressure is applied through the chain and cassette, it directs those forces where the material is strongest. That way we can remove material where we can and add material where needed.

    Our new Iona hubs are as light as possible, but without compromising on strength and reliability. At the same time, we accomplished keeping the structural integrity with a very thin wall design made from very high-grade aluminium. This results in weights as low as 235grams for the rear hub and 100 grams for the front hub.

    Intended use - Performance Aero Road
    Total set weight - 1.560 gram (1-3% tolerance)
    Front wheel weight - 710 gram
    Rear wheel weight - 850 gram
    Tyre compatibility - Clincher (wired/foldable)/tubeless
    Recommended tyre width - 26C - 30C
    Minimim tyre width - 23C
    Maximum tyre width - 36C
    Maximum rider weight - 140 kg
    Brake System - Disc brake only
    Race-Ready - YES - UCI approved
    Warranty - Lifetime*
    Crash replacement - Lifetime
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