Effetto Mariposa Flower Power Natural Wax Chain Lube 100ML Bottle


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  • One of the latest products tested by Zero Friction Cycling, Flower Power Wax has set a new record for low total wear rate across the brutal main test protocol out of all drip lubricants tested to date.

    The Flower Power Wax has delivered the lowest overall drivetrain cost to run of any drip lubricant tested to date.

    Who is it for?

    This is a top product for those looking for a long lasting wax lubricant that has extremely high contamination resistance - a smart choice for offroad as well as road riding). The Flower Power Wax has proven to deliver highest level of chain and drivetrain wear protection. The lubricant remains very low friction to deliver such incredibly low wear rates over such a long test period, including dry and wet harsh contamination test blocks.

    Can I use it for immersive waxing?

    Officially, no.

    Immersive waxing products like MSpeedWax and Silca hot melt are paraffin based. Flower Power Wax is based on sunflower seed. The base waxes are completely different. If you are looking for a drip lubricant to use in conjunction with immersive waxing, choose the Silca Super Secret drip.
    If you want to run with Flower Power wax, you can add directly over Silca hot melt treatment and it will work fine. Pre prepped wax chain options are still the easiest way to get rolling on a super low friction path vs faffing with removing factory grease yourself if you don't want to. It is only when putting a Flower Power wax chain back into a pot of hot melt we don't know if doing this multiple times the different wax type going into wax pot may impact adherence of hot melt to chain.

    How do I clean it? Is it environmentally friendly?

    One of the key attributes for Flower Power Wax is it is environmentally friendly. It is a wax, and so it is quite resistant to most solvents. Effetto have their own Alpine cleaner which we may look to stock in future, however otherwise Silca Bio Degreaser works on waxes so periodic maintenance if needed can be done with it and boiling water rinse after the clean.

    - Creates a solid layer of wax between the moving parts of the chain, reducing friction, noise and increasing the life of the chain
    - Unlike lubricating oils, it does not soil clothes and resists contamination by dirt and dust
    - Because of the sunflower seed wax, it is very resistant to water and is ideal in any season, on and off-road
    - Over 50% wax to water ratio
    - Rapidly biodegradable not having PTFE, sulphides, graphene or other chemicals harmful to the environment
    How Flowerpower Wax works
    Flowerpower Wax creates a solid layer of wax that is interposed between the moving elements of the chain, reducing friction. It's a water emulsion of natural waxy compounds, with the right viscosity to penetrate inside the chain links, where lubrication is most important. Once the water has evaporated, a thick layer of wax remains firmly anchored to the metal, creating a real anti-friction pad.
    The chain will not be dry to the touch - given the layer of wax that also protects the outside - but it will not be greasy or sticky and will not retain dirt.
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