Castelli Fast Feet 2 Sock


Colour: White
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  • For road racing or when you can't wear a Fast Feet TT Shoecover, this sock saves watts.

    There are lots of so-called aero socks out there. But the Castelli Fast Feet has the development and testing to back up the claim.

    The few socks that have been tested have probably been tested with a static, non-moving test because it's easier.

    But a foot is always in motion, so we created a jig that replicates the movement of the lower leg. And we test on actual riders to verify the results.

    This sock can save 2 watts at 50 km/h.

    Product features

    - Castelli's Fast Feet project - for riding in warm conditions
    - The foot portion is based on the Castelli Rosso Corsa Sock for in-shoe comfort
    - Polyurethane grip strip at top to keep sock in place
    - Leg portion constructed with engineered grooved Lycra to help detach airflow
    - Weight: 53 g
    - Temperature: 10degreeC - 30degreeC
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