Assos Uma GT Womens Shorts


Colour: Black
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  • S7 generation:
    The latest generation of Assos shorts, the S7 line employs technology and fabrics that have been engineered over a 5-year period. Leveraging all of the fabric knowledge gained in four decades, this generation of shorts is a masterpiece of design and sets new standards in performance and comfort.
    Type.439 Diadema:
    To improve the performance as well as increase the durability of their products, Assos have created these shorts using Type.439 Diadema, a specific textile design created in collaboration with Assos' fabric suppliers to meet the demands of performance, comfort and wear and tear. Unique within the industry, this durable weave has two different rates of 4-way stretch, which requires expertise to maximize the elasticity of the fabric on the cutting table.
    UMA insert:
    Cut narrower at the front to reduce bulk and increase comfort, this insert has been specifically constructed for female riders but employs all of the standard Assos S7 generation technology, featuring 8 mm of memory foam for increased comfort.
    Less aggressive than the racingFit but more fitted than the comfortFit, the regularFit body mapping design bridges the gap between these two fits and comes in as the ultimate balance between comfort and compression.
    iceColour is a fabric treatment that reflects sunlight therefore reduces heat absorption. Its objective is to keep your muscles cooler than when wearing non-treated shorts.
    Used in a double layer for the legs and abdominal area, this is an incredibly comfortable and soft warp knit fabric with a specific structure that works in favor of ventilation, contouring and providing the maximum comfort for unrestricted movement in or out of the saddle.
    The Assos goldenGate technology within the insert interrupts the sewing in the area between the legs to create three-dimensional freedom of movement in the most sensitive area. This design has fewer seams, which results in reduced friction. This is a patent-protected feature that is central to Assos' S7 generation of shorts.
    The Assos waffle was introduced on the S5 and has been further perfected for S7. Instead of using monolithic linear foam as the middle layer, S7 is equipped with a perforated foam resulting in a reduction in weight and increased breathability.
    Assos have treated the shorts with an anti-bacterial treatment.
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