Assos Summer Short Sleeve Base Layer


Colour: Holy White
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  • An ultralight summer base layer featuring a seamless design and carbon yarns to keep your core cool, dry, and comfortable in balmy conditions.

    We're constantly refining the first-layer platform in the name of greater moisture management and overall comfort. Such is the case with the new Skin Layer family, taking the baton from our Skinfoils with much lighter designs, refined constructions, and better-performing fiber blends. We've lowered the SS Skin Layer's weight by roughly 25% compared to its Skinfoil predecessor and used a tubular knit technology that's free of irritating side seams.

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    A new blend of carbon and polypropylene warns have been strategically arranged to manage moisture much better than previous iterations, resulting in a breathable, anti-bacterial short-sleeved first layer that keeps you cool and dry from the base up.


    The Circular Seamless construction introduces a tubular knit that's free of side seams, creating an ultrasoft, comfortable feel against the body. The sleeves are sown directly into the armhole to promote a full range of motion beneath additional layers.
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