Assos Mille GT Spring/fall Jacket


Colour: Black Series
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  • A versatile windproof and water-repellent softshell that's perfectly suited for mild days in the saddle and essential when conditions take a turn for the wet and windy.
    Assos conceived the MILLE GT Spring/Fall Jacket as a fine cross between a thermal long-sleeved jersey and a membrane-equipped shell. To ensure that your chest stays fully protected from rain, road spray, biting winds, and low temps, we constructed the upper front panel from a softshell material with a bonded membrane. To protect exterior areas exposed to the cold, we added a touch of insulation along the abdominals and tops of the arms, while the arm undersides and central back panel benefit from boosted breathability. Built-in safety precautions take the form of reflective strips on the lower left and right sides.
    Construction/Fit - Cut in Assos' revised Mille regularFit, the Spring/Fall jacket is less compressive than the RacingFit apparel. Proproetary stitch construction on the waist preserves the natural stretch of the front panel's textile for a cleaner look and more ergonomic edges. The front and rear panels are merged with raglan cut sleeves, with a stitch line that continues up to the collar for a greater range of motion.
    Engineering - Triple Ramp Pckets: Flexible fabric panels sewn into each of the three pockets create "lids" for your cargo, covering the contents for added security and stability.
    Featured Fabrics - The jacket's front becomes highly breathable, water resistant, and 100% windproof, resulting from Assos' house-developed NEOS MILD, and constructed with a PU bonded membrane for added water-repellancy. Deployed along the abdominals and tops of the arms is the proprietary RX, a brushed bi-stretch warp-knit fabric with wicking and thermoregulation performance.
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