Abus Ultra Mini 410 U-bolt U-lock - 140X12MM SH34+ Cobra Cable


Colour: Black / Green
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  • Small, secure, modern: the Ultra Mini 410 U-Lock provides excellent protection to your high-end bike, even when there is a risk of theft.


    The Ultra Mini 410 U-Lock is compact and combines high-quality materials with intelligent locking technology.
    What features does it have to protect against theft? A 12mm thick rounded shackle which is made of specially hardened steel - just like the body and structural parts of the locking mechanism. Combined with a high-quality locking cylinder which offers superb protection against tampering such as picking thanks to 'double locking', the Ultra Mini 410 U-Lock is a reliable companion when you are out on your high-end bicycle. The lock passed the ice spray test with flying colours.


    - Lock type: Key
    - Cable length: 120cm
    - Cable diameter: 10mm
    - Weight: 755g + 340g
    - Width: 80mm
    - Height: 140mm
    - Colour: Black/Green
    - Bracket supplied: Yes
    - 12 mm, hardened steel round shackle
    - Double-locking mechanism securing the shackle in the lock body
    - The shackle, the body and the load-bearing parts of the locking mechanism are manufactured using specially hardened steel
    - Special, modern design of the lock body casing allows for optimum handling
    - High-quality locking cylinder for protection against manipulation, e.g., picking
    - Two keys included with the lock
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